Zam Zam Hajj and Umra Travels takes a step into technology in managing their trips

Zam Zam Hajj and Umra Travels is one of the leading umra travel agents in the Maldives. 

Managing the travel arrangements of several hundred people at once can be a difficult task that takes up a lot of time and effort from their staff. No more.

Currently, their whole operation has been mapped, and is  managed through a special software suite. From signing up people to travel for umra, managing all their information until they return is made easy through the software. The software is designed for an easy user experience and in dhivehi to ensure that anyone can enter and retrieve haji information.

Zam Zam Hajj and Umra companion apps

The days of handing out pages and pages of information on locations and prayers, to umra travellers are long gone. Meet Zam Zam Hajj & Umra companion apps. 

The apps are designed for both android and iOS, and offers the travellers all the information they need.  The android app is available from here, and the iOS app is available from here.